We’re a small team of independent student journalists from Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto, seeking to change the way that teenagers consume local news.

Through our own experience writing and reporting in our community, we know that local news can be just as or more relevant to high schoolers than big, national stories. But too often, teenagers aren’t a target audience of local outlets or receive community news in slow print cycles.

Our goal is to gather talent from across the region and create a robust paper to report local news specifically geared toward teens; as a completely digital paper, we put a strong focus on our social media front and aim to report in new and relevant mediums.

The fact that we’re completely independent — not tied to a school — gives us a leg up in achieving that goal. We’re able to gather students from across the region, run our small team as a professional organization and work free from grades and other academic responsibilities that come with high school journalism courses. 

At the end of the day, we recognize that our audience is not limited to only high schoolers, and it certainly expects and deserves content on par with professional outlets. Accordingly, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of thoroughness, timeliness and integrity, and thank our readers who make our hard work worthwhile.

Our Team

Tomoki Chien, Editor-in-Chief
Cedric Chan, Managing Editor
Allison Huang, Chief Visual Journalist
Carly Heltzel, Copy Editor
Olivia Hewang, Reporter
Gil Rubinstein, Reporter
Garv Virginkar, Reporter
Dana Huch, Reporter
Cathryn Krajewski, Lead Videographer
Natalie Arbatman, Copy Editor
Agnes Mar, Reporter
Emily McNally, Photographer
Kaitlyn Huang, Videographer
Melody Xu, Reporter
Mia Bassett, Videographer