Cathryn Krajewski

Cathryn Krajewski, Videographer

Cat is a senior at Los Altos High School, serving as a videographer for the Post. Additionally, Cat is the Editor-In-Chief of New Media Lit, Los Altos High School’s broadcast journalism class.

VIDEO: A look into MVLA’s current in-person learning program

PRODUCED BY KAITLYN HUANG, MIA BASSETT AND CATHRYN KRAJEWSKI, MUSIC BY TOMOKI CHIEN High schoolers in the Mountain View–Los Altos High School District returned to campuses earlier this month for learning in “stable groups,” participating in remote classes in a study hall supervised by substitute staff. In April, students across the district are slated to make an…

Fashion in the pandemic

STORY, PHOTOS AND MUSIC BY TOMOKI CHIEN, VIDEO PRODUCED BY CATHRYN KRAJEWSKI We might all be stuck at home with only our parents, siblings and pets to judge us, but fashion is arguably just as important as ever.  It’s a chance at self expression and confidence in a time of dull routine; it’s a chance…