Dana Huch

Dana Huch, Reporter

Dana is a junior at Los Altos High School, and a general assignment reporter for the Post covering the arts.

Riley Carolan, loaf novice, starts popular Castilleja bread baking club

STORY AND PHOTO BY DANA HUCH Where’d all the bread flour go? Since the beginning of quarantine, a surge in at-home bread baking has taken place, causing an unprecedented demand for bread flour. Castilleja junior Riley Carolan has been a zealous participant in what she dubbed “the quarantine activity.” “I’ve always admired people who can…

Artist of the Month: Dasha Korepanova delights with her whimsical creatures

STORY BY OLIVIA HEWANG AND DANA HUCH, PHOTO BY TOMOKI CHIEN Dasha Korepanova used to sell her character designs in exchange for virtual currency in a video game. Now, the Los Altos junior is inundated with so many requests for commissions — paid in real money, not in-game “spuds” — that it’s become difficult for…