Madison Yue

Madison Yue, Videographer

Madison is a videographer, producing human-interest stories. She is currently a social media lead and head producer for Gunn High School’s Titan Broadcast Network. Madison is a sophomore at Gunn High School, and joined the Post in April 2021.

Village Pantry: traditional American breakfast food, and a place to call home

STORY BY KAITLYN HUANG AND MADISON YUE, PHOTOS BY EMILY MCNALLY Typical hobbies might include woodworking, gardening or maybe even starting a book club — but Julie Ogilvie is no weekend hobbyist. Wanting to start a hobby that could make a mark on the community, she and her husband, David Ogilvie, took ownership of the…

Teenage entrepreneur Ayaka Sonehara creates small jewelry business, Buttercupbeaut.

PRODUCED BY KAITLYN HUANG AND MADISON YUE Founded by teenager Ayaka Sonehara in August of 2020, jewelry business Buttercupbeaut. is notable for its unique design, attention to detail and personalized packaging. Sonehara’s business is currently donating $3 for every order to RAINN, an organization that aims to help sexual assault survivors.