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ROUNDUP: Los Altos girls soccer on three-game shutout streak; Paly girls basketball wins 10th in a row; Mtn. View ekes past Los Altos boys basketball

Los Altos's Kaia Flores in a 5-0 win over Los Gatos on Jan. 14, 2022. (Tomoki Chien)

The Los Altos girls soccer squad hasn’t allowed a single goal in its last three competitions, shutting out Paly and Homestead this week hot off last week’s 5-0 rout over Los Gatos.

Captain and midfielder Esha Gupta said the Eagles moved their fourth defender to the midfield, which she credited for the team’s defensive success. The Eagles (7-4-2, 3-2-1) face tougher competition in Santa Clara (4-4-5, 2-1-3) next week, and Gunn (8-3-3, 3-1-2) the week after; Paly, Homestead and Los Gatos all rank at the bottom of the league.

“We might have to switch back to four [defenders] in the back for Santa Clara because they tend to be more direct, but I think it’s just mentality,” Gupta said. “We are all competing now for the second place spot in the league.”

Both the Eagles (number 3) and Bruins (number 4) are poised to nab Gunn’s number two SCVAL De Anza spot. Mountain View (12-0-1, 6-0-0) has a strong hold on the top spot, with only five goals against the entire season.

Last time the Eagles faced Mountain View they were handed a 1-0 loss, though the Spartans only scored off a direct free kick. 

“Mathematically it’d be difficult to take their number one spot, but not impossible,” Gupta said. “Right now we’re focusing on beating Gunn and Santa Clara.”

In other news:

  • Paly girls basketball (12-1, 3-0) added two games to its now 10-game win streak, with wins over Homestead (10-4, 2-1) and Saratoga (6-8, 1-5).
  • Mountain View senior Joe Brown’s last-minute three-pointer helped the Spartans (12-5, 4-1) eke past Los Altos (13-3, 4-1) in a 48-47 nail-biter.
  • Gunn boys basketball (12-4, 3-2) have kept themselves in the hunt for the top slot in the SCVAL El Camino Division with wins over Monta Vista (9-8, 1-5) and Saratoga (13-3, 4-1).


  • Boys basketball:
    • 71-64 W vs. Monta Vista (Tue)
    • 55-37 W vs. Saratoga (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 52-50 W vs. El Camino (Mon)
    • 59-37 L vs. Monta Vista (Wed)
    • 47-44 L vs. Santa Clara (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 2-1 W vs. Los Gatos (Wed)
    • 3-0 L vs. Homestead (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 3-1 W vs. Los Gatos (Wed)
    • 4-0 W vs. Homestead (Fri) 
Los Altos's Andrew Reilly in a 56-40 win over Milpitas on Jan. 21, 2022. (Tomoki Chien)

Los Altos

  • Boys basketball:
    • 48-47 L vs. Mountain View (Tue)
    • 56-40 W vs. Milpitas (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 41-42 L vs. Los Gatos (Wed)
    • 40-29 W vs. Wilcox (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 3-1 L vs. Santa Clara (Mon)
    • 1-0 W vs. Homestead (Wed)
    • 3-2 W vs. Paly (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 2-0 W vs. Homestead (Wed)
    • 2-0 W vs. Paly (Fri) 
Mountain View's Patrick Kane downs a three-pointer against Los Altos on Jan. 18, 2022. (Allison Huang)

Mountain View

  • Boys basketball:
    • 48-47 W vs. Los Altos (Tue)
    • 52-48 L vs. Homestead (Thurs)
    • 37-28 W vs. Cupertino (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 33-27 W vs. Fremont (Wed)
    • 51-24 W vs. Cupertino (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 2-1 L vs. Wilcox (Tue)
    • 0-0 T vs. Santa Clara (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 4-0 W vs. Santa Clara (Fri)


  • Boys basketball:
    • 59-49 W vs. Homestead (Tue)
    • 50-41 W vs. Santa Clara (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 48-46 W vs. Homestead (Wed)
    • 59-34 W vs. Saratoga (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 1-1 T vs. Santa Clara (Wed)
    • 3-2 L vs. Los Altos (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 2-2 T vs. Santa Clara (Wed)
    • 2-0 L vs. Los Altos (Fri)

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