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Carrol Titus-Zambre

(Courtesy Carrol Titus-Zambre)

Carrol Titus-Zambre is running for the Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District Board of Trustees.

During her time as an MVLA parent, Titus-Zambre has served as a sports coach for Los Altos High and the National Youth Volleyball Association and as Girl Scout leader for the local troop. She grew up in Santa Clara and went through its public school system. 

Titus-Zambre is a veteran of the Silicon Valley tech sector and founder of Golden Poppy Inc., which produces augmented reality games to encourage STEM-based learning for youth. She lives with her husband and three children, all of whom are attending or have graduated from Los Altos High.

“It’s my goal to have every MVLA student graduate with the 21st century skills they need to thrive by continuously improving the quality of services provided, maximizing learning outcomes and enhancing community stewardship,” Titus-Zambre said during a forum held by the League of Women Voters.

Titus-Zambre said she was referred to Superintendent Dr. Nellie Meyer by a mutual friend and decided to run in order to “help Nellie out.” She falsely claimed that she was endorsed by Dr. Meyer, according to reporting by the Los Altos Town Crier. When later asked by the Mountain View Voice, Titus-Zambre said that she misunderstood what endorsements are because of her “limited knowledge.”

Following a string of comments she made to the Talon in April 2021, in which she accused teachers of getting paid without working during the pandemic and said science did not support wearing masks, she threatened the reporter of the article with violence and legal action. According to the Talon, she did not respond to repeated requests to comment on the situation.

Mental health and wellness

Titus-Zambre said she believes that students should exercise and get outside more to ease mental health problems.

“It’s actually been shown scientifically to be very therapeutic,” Titus-Zambre said. “And so I would definitely boost up the athletics. I think that’s an important thing.”

She also supports the current social services the district has in place, although it is unclear which ones she was referring to.


Titus-Zambre used the model of the Advanced Student Investigations, an advanced research science class, project at Los Altos High, which her children all participated in, to illustrate how she wants to increase equitable practices in the district. She said she would like to expand this project to become available for students at Mountain View High as well.

“It [the project] has these long term effects,” she said. “Kids have to not only do research and have a point of talking with a mentor, but they actually have to find a mentor outside. So it sets them up not only for university, but, you know, career paths later.”

She also said that she would like to see this model adapted for the AVID PEAK program.


Titus-Zambre said she thinks the on-site board meetings and school events have helped the community feel more connected after the pandemic.

“I think we … [should] do more [to] reach out to make sure everybody feels connected and as a community because we were so separated,” Titus-Zambre said. “So that’s really a key growing thing and I think we just need to kind of celebrate being open again.”

To learn more about Titus-Zambre, visit her website here.

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