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PHOTOS: Our favorite moments of the 2022-23 school year

Palo Alto High School’s dance team performs at the Winter Rally in February 2023. (Mike Zhao)

Here are our favorite moments captured by our photographers this school year.

Yuna Suh (center) cheers during Henry M. Gunn High School’s homecoming lunch game in October 2022. (Yoochan An)
Rodrigo Sepulveda-Sagaseta (left) and Jennifer Corley (right) pose at Los Altos High School’s homecoming crowning ceremony in October 2022. (Eason Dong)
Saumya Anand (center) performs in “Curtains” in May 2023. (Naina Srivastava)
Noah Chen (center) dribbles a basketball during the Gunn vs. Paly basketball game in December 2022. (Mike Zhao)
Utility workers clear a tree following a storm in March 2023. (Raj Virginkar)
Ryan Hudacek (center) cheers during the Gunn vs. Paly football game in September 2022. (Yoochan An)
Daniel Gerdes (center) cheers during Los Altos High’s night rally in March 2023. (Eason Dong)
The annual Los Altos Hacks hackathon in April 2023. (Raj Virginkar)
Precious Nyarko (far left), Brent Bennion (left), Gabriel Selaya (center), Andi Turner (right) and Millie Kopp (far right) at Mountain View High School’s homecoming game in October 2022. (Naina Srivastava)
Alan Lee (left) tags Obed Han (right) during Gunn’s elimination game in February 2023. (Yoochan An)
Mountain View High Dance Spectrum students perform in the end of year showcase in May 2023. (Naina Srivastava)
Vanessa Lai (left) and Sofia Lee (right) perform in Los Altos High’s “Strike-A-Pose!” dance show in May 2023. (Eason Dong)
Iris Yin (center) performs at Paly’s Quadchella in April 2023. (Mike Zhao)

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