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ROUNDUP: Paly girls basketball wins 13th in a row; Mtn. View girls tighten stranglehold on De Anza division soccer; Los Altos boys basketball grabs top league spot

Palo Alto's Nadia Brown breaks through Lynbrook's defense on Wednesday. (Allison Huang)

The Paly girls basketball team is powering through league play this season on a 13-game win streak, most recently extending the wins with a narrow 52-45 overtime victory over Los Gatos (16-2, 5-1) this past week.

Point guard and junior Kaella Peters said the team (15-1, 6-0) sealed its win in overtime, turning the game around on Los Gatos’s home court despite the number-two-ranked Cats going into the extra minutes with the momentum.

“It was a great moment where we fought really hard,” Peters said. “It showed our team how mentally tough and connected we were. … We could pull through and hit our shots and keep believing in each other.”

One notable aspect of Paly’s team, ranked number one in the SCVAL De Anza division, is that it has no official captains, an approach that Peters believes contributes to the team’s strong connection.

“We’re all leaders on our team,” Peters said. “It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in, or who has been on the team the longest. Everyone contributes, it doesn’t feel like there’s one person who’s supposed to talk or be in charge.”

Earlier this week, the girls beat Wilcox 58-32, and Lynbrook 62-24.

“We just treat our next game as our biggest game, try to focus on that one and just go one game at a time,” Peters said. “Our plans are to just keep working hard to try to improve as much as we can through the season, and play every game as hard as we can.”

The Vikings again play Wilcox (4-12, 0-5) and Gunn (11-7, 4-4) next week.

In other news:

  • Mountain View girls soccer tightened its stranglehold on the SCVAL De Anza division, adding wins over Gunn and Los Gatos to its perfect 8-0 league record.
  • Los Altos boys basketball climbed to the top of the SCVAL De Anza division with wins over Homestead and Santa Clara.
  • Paly boys basketball beat Mountain View 48-36, further shaking up the top three spots in the De Anza division.


  • Boys basketball:
    • 57-50 L vs. Lynbrook (Tue)
    • 58-56 L vs. Los Gatos (Fri)
    • 76-55 W vs. Wilcox (Sat)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 60-46 W vs. Cupertino (Wed)
    • 27-21 W vs. Mountain View (Fri)
    • 37-31 L vs. Milpitas (Sat)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 1-0 W vs. Mountain View (Wed)
    • 2-0 L vs. Santa Clara (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 4-2 L vs. Mountain View (Wed)

Los Altos

  • Boys basketball:
    • 54-43 W vs. Homestead (Tue)
    • 65-58 W vs. Santa Clara (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 56-46 L vs. Homestead (Wed)
    • 45-40 L vs. Saratoga (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 2-1 L vs. Santa Clara (Wed)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 4-3 W vs. Santa Clara (Wed)

Mountain View

  • Boys basketball:
    • 56-39 W vs. Milpitas (Tue)
    • 48-36 L vs. Paly (Fri)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 42-21 L vs. King’s Academy (Mon)
    • 39-37 W vs. Milpitas (Wed)
    • 27-21 L vs. Gunn (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 1-0 L vs. Gunn (Wed)
    • 2-0 W vs. Los Gatos (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 4-2 W vs. Gunn (Wed)
    • 7-3 W vs. Los Gatos (Fri)

Palo Alto

  • Boys basketball:
    • 53-31 W vs. Cupertino (Tue)
    • 48-36 W vs. Mountain View (Fri)
    • 52-33 W vs. Cupertino (Sat)
  • Girls basketball:
    • 58-32 W vs. Wilcox (Mon)
    • 62-24 W vs. Lynbrook (Wed)
    • 52-45 W vs. Los Gatos (Fri)
  • Boys soccer:
    • 2-2 T vs. Los Gatos (Wed)
    • 2-1 W vs. Homestead (Fri)
  • Girls soccer:
    • 3-0 W vs. Los Gatos (Wed)
    • 4-3 L vs. Homestead (Fri)

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