Justice Vanguard hosts Juneteenth celebration in Los Altos


Justice Vanguard, a local activist group, hosted its annual Juneteenth event yesterday at Lincoln Park in Los Altos. The event aimed to educate those unfamiliar with the history of the holiday — which just recently became nationally recognized — and raise funds for the group’s scholarship for Black students in the Mountain View–Los Altos Unified School District.

The event saw a variety of booths including wine tasting, poetry, music, education and merchandise booths, all of which helped fundraise for the $15,000 “Blackalaureate” scholarship.

Here are some of the memorable moments of the day.

Over 600 people attended the celebration at Lincoln Park.
Seth Moos, 17, shares the history of Juneteenth at an education booth. The booth distributed flyers with information about Black history.
P. Harrell Wines, a Black-owned winery based in Oakland, fundraised for the Blackalaureate scholarship.
Toni Moos informs guests about the auction and Justice Vanguard’s scholarship.
Music was on full blast, some sharing messages from Black artists.
Booths featuring soul food, cocktails and pastries were served and all proceeds were donated to support the fundraiser.
The Cookout, a local Black-owned food truck, serves a variety of soul food dishes.
Kyle Moos narrates the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou.
A flag dance was performed, sharing a powerful image and message with the audience.
Kenan Moos (left) and Kiyoshi Taylor (right), founders of Justice Vanguard, pose for a photo.

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