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Natalie Murai (center) performs in Los Altos High School's February 2022 spirit rally. (Tomoki Chien)
Los Altos's Katherine Moravick and Vishnu Velayuthan during the school’s homecoming parade in October 2021. (Arya Nasikkar)
Sophie Lyons (center) during the Mountain View High School Madrigals' annual “Singing Valentines” in February 2022. (Allison Huang)
Palo Alto High School‘s Mateo Fesslmeier runs the varsity boys mile at the Saint Francis Invitational in March 2022. (Eason Dong)
Los Altos's Greg Shumann during the homecoming football game against Lynbrook in October 2021. (Allison Huang)
The annual Downtown Los Altos Festival of Lights in November 2021. (Tomoki Chien)
Talia Lawit (far left) in Mountain View High School's Spartan Theatre Company's performance of "Radium Girls" in March 2022. (Allison Huang)
The Code:ART festival in Downtown Palo Alto in October 2021. (Emily Yao)
English teacher Paul Dunlap (center) in the Gunn choir and staff musical in April 2022. (Emily Yao)
Serena Gaylord in the Los Altos High School Broken Box Theatre Company's performance of "Never Mind What Happened, How Did It End?" in April 2022. (Eason Dong)
Mountain View High's Dance Spectrum during its end-of-year showcase. (Allison Huang)
Los Altos's Dominic Hernandez during the school's diversity rally in April 2022. (Tomoki Chien)

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